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Debut Album "My Own Way" Featuring 10 Original Songs

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Ali Auburn has a natural gift for writing, which shines through in her lyrics. She honed this gift in Nashville working with successful veterans of the songwriting community; however, upon being pressured to conform to a certain writing style, she reluctantly but determinately decided to continue her music journey from the place of her roots: New Jersey. Grateful for what she learned in the music city, she took those skills and mixed them with what she refused to give up: individuality as a songwriter. This combination has resulted in a young woman who is now as confident and sure of her music as ever, and she is re-emerging in the music scene as a strong artist with something to say.  

Her voice has been described as “angelic and pure, with just enough grit to stay interesting,” and her live performances have been consistently praised. She is a seasoned performer with a steady stage presence, and she often showcases her girl-next-door personality in between songs. Yet while her live show banter may display her wit, humor, and infectious energy, it is her passion and authenticity that audience members connect with most; it is not uncommon for listeners to be moved to tears during her set. The genuine nature of her performances and songs exhibit the fact that she has lived through her lyrics and that she has been healed through them. More profoundly, fans find healing through her music as well.

Whether it is her voice, lyrics, or personality that draws you in, one thing is for sure: Ali Auburn will leave an impression.